Scottish Keepsake Gift Set: Highland Cow


A cute little keepsake gift set with a Highland Cow theme

You can't help but adore these fantastic hairy beasts from the Highlands of Scotland. This gorgeous and unique gift is a sure winner for any lover of the hairy Highland Cow!


🐮 dark brown satin gift pouch with an Anderson tartan ribbon & our very own in-house design lapel pin....Clara Coo 

🐮 a heart-shaped resin trinket box with loose-fit lid, bearing the inscription ‘My keepsake Box’

🐮 Inside the trinket box is a genuine lucky sixpence coin on a card heart with ‘A Wee Lucky Sixpence’ text printed around the edge of the heart. 

🐮 A crystal tumble stone

🐮 Tartan & other assorted fabric embellishments

🐮 A sprig of imitation Scottish heather & thistle

🐮 An original rhyme (see gallery pic) on a sturdy keepsake card

All packaged in a themed box, ready to gift. 

The highland cow lapel pin is available as a standalone item and features on one of our Lucky Sixpences ~ see separate listings

Other themes in this satin keepsake range are:

Saltire heart (navy)

Piper (cream)

Scottie/Westie (deep red) 

Thistle (lilac)

Stag (gold)



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