Silver Sixpence: New Year/Big Ben


On the stroke of midnight, another brand new year (and decade!) will begin!

A wish for good luck in 2020 -  Big Ben style


A novel way to wish someone all the best for 2020!

Features the face of the well-known ‘Big Ben’ (the nick-name for the Great Bell of the clock at Westminster). The text around the rim of the clock face reads ~

“Out with the old, in with the new.

Hope this New Year is lucky for you”

Finished with a co-ordinating red ribbon.

All sixpences are inside a 2 x 2 inch coin card and attached to a branded card. On the reverse is a printed the ‘History of a Sixpence’

Packaged in a clear PLA-2 (biodegradable, eco-friendly, vegetable based) sleeve ~ all ready to gift!


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