Lucky ‘Silver’ Sixpences

Historically, the sixpence coin has been seen as a token of luck and good fortune for the receiver. Brides traditionally put a sixpence in their shoe on their Wedding Day, children would find the silver coin inside Christmas pudding etc.

The tradition of gifting a 'lucky' sixpence has had a bit of a revival recently, and the now popular notion of giving someone a personalised lucky coin has generated increasing interest in this simple, but meaningful tradition. Slim and light, it can be kept in a wallet or purse or in your home display.

Our range of 'lucky' sixpence designs has something for every event you may be planning for, or for an occasion like a special birthday (we can sometimes match the year of birth), retirement, good luck, graduation, new baby, new grandparent, baby shower, First Communion, Christmas - in fact, any reason to acknowledge a special time or event in someone's life.

Perfect for popping into a greetings card, light and compact for sending overseas, for Corporate events, table gifts....all can be personalised with your very own message, language, text or theme.

Tartans, famous landmarks, logos, insignias, crests......we can cater for all!
Please email us with any specific design suggestions or enquiries.

Pre-circulated 1947-1967 coins are made of cupro-nickel, so the term ‘silver sixpence’ is for association/descriptive purposes only. All our coins are machine-tumbled to a bright, shiny finish.

Bulk order discounts available - please email for details

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